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a finger biofeedback sensor

U.S. Army Offers Stress Reduction Classes, Including Biofeedback Training, To Military Personnel

The Fort Jackson Army Substance Abuse Program, which traditionally addresses issues of alcohol and drug abuse, will expand its programs by offering a six-week stress and anxiety reduction class, scheduled to begin Wednesday. Pierre Wilkins, a social worker with ASAP, explained that the goal is for people to identify stressors and stress symptoms and to […]

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A Clinical Outcome Study Of Neurofeedback And Biofeedback For Migraine Headache

In a recent meta-analysis involving biofeedback for the treatment of migraine, Grade A evidence [6] was found for the efficacy of the above methods which proved stable over a 17 month follow-up phase [5]. Numerous studies explore peripheral biofeedback [5], but scant studies exist on using neurofeedback methods to treat migraine [7-11]. Although the current […]

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