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MRI of the human brain

Disinhibited Brains And Behavior May Be Related To Lower GABA In The Pre-Frontal Cortex

Impulsive individuals tend to display aggressive behavior and have challenges ranging from drug and alcohol abuse, to problem gambling and difficult relationships. They are less able to adapt to different social situations. Impulsivity is also a common feature of psychiatric disorders. New research in Biological Psychiatry shows that people may react this way, in part, […]

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Marijuana Plant

Smoking Marijuana Increases The Risk Of Depression In The Case Of Genetic Vulnerability

Young people who are genetically vulnerable to depression should be extra careful about using cannabis: smoking cannabis leads to an increased risk of developing depressive symptoms. This has emerged from research carried out by Roy Otten at the Behavioural Science Institute of Radboud University Nijmegen that is published in the online version of the scientific […]

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Social Media Sites May Reveal Information About Problem Drinking Among College Students

Social media websites, such as Facebook and MySpace, may reveal information that could identify underage college students who may be at risk for problem drinking, according to a report published Online First by Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. The research was conducted by Megan A. Moreno, M.D., M.S.Ed., M.P.H., of […]

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a medication bottle spilled over

Majority Of Adolescents Take Prescription Medications Appropriately, While Those Who Do Not Have Increased Risk Of Other Substance Abuse and Drug Dealing

Adolescents who misuse controlled medications (e.g., pain, stimulant, sleeping and antianxiety medications) for which they have a legitimate prescription may be more likely to abuse other substances and to sell, give or trade their controlled medications to other individuals, according to a report in the August issue of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, one […]

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Self-Medication Of Anxiety Symptoms With Drugs Or Alcohol Increases Risk Of Developing Substance Use Disorders

Self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs appears to be associated with an increased risk of substance use disorders and social phobia in patients with anxiety-related symptoms, according to a report in the August issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. The study was carried out by Jennifer Robinson, M.A., and colleagues […]

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Helps Veterans With Alcohol Abuse Cope With Cravings

The spoils of war for returning veterans may include addictions, injury, and the constant images of horrific events they witnessed. Now a University of Houston joint study funded by the Veterans Health Administration Rehabilitation Research and Development service looks to address these issues through the use of virtual reality. Included in this report is a […]

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