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neuronal connections

Nicotine Receptors In The Brain Make Important Contributions To Social Behavior

If you think nicotine receptors are only important to smokers trying to kick the tobacco habit, think again. New research published in the FASEB Journal suggests that these receptors also play an important role in social interaction and the ability to choose between competing motivations. Specifically, scientists from France show that the nicotinic receptors in […]

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Researcher Tao Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

Gene Linked To Severity Of Social Dysfunction In Autism

With the help of two sets of brothers with autism, Johns Hopkins scientists have identified a gene associated with autism that appears to be linked very specifically to the severity of social interaction deficits. The gene, GRIP1 (glutamate receptor interacting protein 1), is a blueprint for a traffic-directing protein at synapses — those specialized contact points […]

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father and baby

Infants And Toddlers Suffer Mental Illness, Yet Seldom Receive Treatment

Infants and toddlers can suffer serious mental health disorders, yet they are unlikely to receive treatment that could prevent lasting developmental problems, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. This report references multiple related articles pertaining the early childhood mental health. The publisher has made the articles for available for free for an […]

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