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Researcher Bradley Zebrack

Cancer Patients Have Unmet Psychological And Social Support Needs

A cancer diagnosis for adolescents and young adults can be especially challenging, and new research shows the social, psychological and informational support these patients need might be going unmet. Compared to both children and older adult cancer patients, adolescents and young adults, ages 14-39, demonstrate a different set of psychosocial needs and issues related to […]

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an elderly women walking with a cane

Loneliness In Older Individuals Linked To Functional Decline And Death

Loneliness in individuals over 60 years of age appears associated with increased risk of functional decline and death, according to a report published Online First by Archives of Internal Medicine, a JAMA Network publication. In older persons, loneliness can be a common source of distress and impaired quality life, according to the study background.

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a women with depression

Depression Negatively Impacts Breast Cancer Outcomes

This year, more than 230,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and nearly 40,000 women will not survive their battle with cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. New research from the University of Missouri shows that certain factors, including marital status, having children in the home, income level and age, affect the likelihood […]

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alcohol beverage

‘The Rose-Colored Beer Goggles Effect’ Shows That For Some Heavy Drinkers, Perceived Social Benefits Outweigh Harms

A study by University of Washington psychologists shows some people continue to drink heavily because of perceived positive effects, despite experiencing negative effects such as hangovers, fights, and regrettable sexual situations. According to participants in the study, boosts of courage, chattiness, and other social benefits of drinking outweigh its harms, which they generally did not […]

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Maslow's pyramid of happiness

Researchers Search For The Ingredients Of Happiness Around The World To Confirm Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

In 1943, American psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed that all humans seek to fulfill a hierarchy of needs, which he represented with a pyramid. The pyramid’s base, which he believed must come first, signified basic needs (for food, sleep and sex, for example). Safety and security came next, in Maslow’s view, then love and belonging, then […]

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Researcher Florence Clark

Active Social, Spiritual And Physical Life Helps To Prevent Health Decline In Seniors

Small, healthy lifestyle changes and involvement in meaningful activities — going beyond just diet and exercise — are critical to healthy aging, according to a new USC study. Guided by lifestyle advisors, seniors participating in the study made small, sustainable changes in their routines (such as visiting a museum with a friend once a week) […]

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