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Researcher Isabelle Bauer

Coping Through ‘Downward Social Comparisons’ Can Improve Emotional Wellbeing And Physical Health

Most people will have their share of regrets over their lifetime. Researcher involved in a new study from Concordia University found that anyone who seeks to overcome disappointments should compare themselves to others who are worse off – rather than looking up to folks in more enviable positions. Published in the journal Personality and Social […]

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Researcher Boadie Dunlop

Experts Predict Increased Prevalence Of Male Depression Due To Reduced ‘Provider/Protector Roles’

Emory University experts predict that rates of depressive disorders among men will increase as the 21st century progresses. In an editorial published in the March, 2011 issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry, author Boadie Dunlop, MD, writes “Compared to women, many men attach a great importance to their roles as providers and protectors of […]

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Obese women sitting down

Family, Friends, And Social Ties Influence Weight Status In Young Adults

Does obesity tend to “cluster” among young adults? And if so, what impact does it have on both their weight and weight-related behaviors? That is what researchers from The Miriam Hospital’s Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center set out to answer to better understand how social influences affect both weight status and weight loss intentions […]

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computer representation of clustered networks

MIT Researcher Finds That Social Networks Influence Health Behaviors

Scientists have long thought that social networks, which features many distant connections, or “long ties,” produces large-scale changes most quickly. But in a new study, Damon Centola, an assistant professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, has reached a different conclusion: Individuals are more likely to acquire new health practices while living in networks […]

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Jennifer Watling Neal, a Michigan State University psychology professor

Study Suggests Boys And Girls Not As Different As Previously Thought

Although girls tend to hang out in smaller, more intimate groups than boys, this difference vanishes by the time children reach the eighth grade, according to a new study by a Michigan State University psychologist. The findings, which appear in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, suggest “girls and boys aren’t as different as […]

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abstract image of love shown through hearts

The Evolution Of Love

How did we evolve the most loving brain on the planet? Humans are the most sociable species on earth – for better and for worse. On the one hand, we have the greatest capacities for empathy, communication, friendship, romance, complex social structures, and altruism. On the other, we have the greatest capacities for shaming, emotional […]

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