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a person with disturbed sleep

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Improves Sleep In Those Diagnosed With Chronic Primary Insomnia

Approximately 5% of persons in the United States suffer from primary persistent insomnia and many are prescribed sedative hypnotics or antidepressant medications. However, prescription medication can also cause side effects or create dependence, and published data on their efficacy for sleep disorders is limited*. Additionally, poor sleep may return once the medication intake stops*. The […]

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Science Daily Research News Update 5-11-09

An interesting few weeks of updates over at Science Daily. Examples of today’s highlighted research topics include that increased food intake (rather than reduced physical activity) is responsible for the obesity epidemic, narcolepsy is now an autoimmune disorder, warnings about pet therapy dogs, childhood obesity may be linked to allergies, Autism and new brain abnormalities […]

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SMR Neurofeeback Improves Sleep and Memory After Only 10 Sessions

Researchers* report that participants’ sleep and declarative memory improved after they received 10 sessions of human sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) neurofeedback in a randomized parallel group design. SMR is an EEG frequency band from 12-15 Hz that is associated with an alert, attentive state coupled with calm or silent motor activities. The cat who remains completely […]

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