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an anxious man

FMRI Brain Scans Show That Sleep Deprivation Can Lead To Higher Anticipatory Anxiety

New research shows that sleep loss markedly exaggerates the degree to which we anticipate impending emotional events, particularly among highly anxious people, who are especially vulnerable. Two common features of anxiety disorders are sleep loss and an amplification of emotional response. Results from the new study suggest that these features may not be independent of […]

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Children As Young As 10 Vomit To Lose Weight With Highest Rates In Boys

Children as young as ten are making themselves vomit in order to lose weight and the problem is more common in boys than girls, according to a study of nearly 16,000 school pupils published online early, ahead of print publication, by the Journal of Clinical Nursing. The findings have prompted researchers to issue a warning […]

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Researcher Ted Abel, PhD

Researchers Identify The Root Of Memory Impairment Resulting From Sleep Deprivation

From high-school students to surgeons, anyone who has pulled an all-nighter knows there is a price to be paid the next day: trouble focusing, a fuzzy memory, and other cognitive impairments. Now, researchers at Penn have found the part of the brain and the neurochemical basis for sleep deprivation’s effects on memory. Their research was […]

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Brain Regions Take Short Naps During Wakefulness Which Can Lead Performance Errors

Have you ever lost your keys or stuck the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the refrigerator and wondered what happened? Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have a new explanation. They found that some nerve cells in a sleep-deprived yet awake brain can briefly go “off line,” into a sleep-like state, while […]

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Researcher Michael Chee, M.D.

People Who Are Sleep-Deprived Make Risky Decisions Based On Too Much Optimism

The powers that be in Las Vegas figured out something long before neuroscientists at two Duke University medical schools confirmed their ideas this week: Trying to make decisions while sleep-deprived can lead to a case of optimism. The scientists showed using a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) that a night of sleep deprivation leads to […]

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