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a depressed teenager

Depressed Teens With History Of Abuse Less Likely To Respond To Combination Treatment

Adolescents with treatment-resistant depression who have a history of abuse — especially physical abuse — are less likely to respond to combination treatment than to medication alone, according to data from the NIMH-funded Treatment of Resistant Depression in Adolescents (TORDIA) study. The new study was published in the March 2011 issue of the Journal of […]

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a man at a bar

Strong Link Found Between Victimization And Substance Abuse

A strong link between victimization experiences and substance abuse has been discovered by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago The correlation is especially prevalent among gays, lesbians, and bisexuals – more so than in heterosexuals, says Tonda Hughes, professor and interim head of health systems science in the UIC College of Nursing. Hughes […]

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United States Marines

Childhood Maltreatment And High Magnitude Stressors Are Predictors Of Psychiatric Symptoms In Military Personnel

A study of long-term, active duty military personnel who used Department of Veterans Affairs’ health services showed that childhood maltreatment and other high magnitude stressors, such as being in a serious accident or a natural disaster, were more strongly associated with participants’ current psychiatric symptoms than were their military sexual experiences, such as sexual harassment.

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an African-American women

African-American Women May Benefit From CBT For Sexual Assault – Even If They Drop Out Of Treatment

African-American women may benefit as much as their Caucasian counterparts in treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), despite being more likely to drop out of treatment prematurely. PTSD is a mental health disorder and, specifically, an anxiety disorder, that arises from trauma. Symptoms of distress must also arise in three domains: re-experiencing the trauma (e.g., […]

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