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Omega-3 Consumed During Pregnancy Curbs Risk For Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Fish has long been considered in myriad cultures to be “brain food,” but only recently has bona fide science begun to support this deep-rooted belief. Researchers now know that the omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish such as salmon and herring may play a critical role in both development and maintenance of the brain […]

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Babies Born To Depressed Moms Have Higher Levels Of Stress Hormones

The cocktail of hormones cascading through depressed mothers’ bodies may play an important role in the development of their unborn children’s brains. A higher level of depression in mothers during pregnancy was associated with higher levels of stress hormones in their children at birth, as well as with other neurological and behavioral differences, a University […]

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DHA Fish Oil Capsules Do Not Decrease Postpartum Depression In Mothers

In contrast to the findings of some studies and the recommendations that pregnant women increase their intake of fish oil via dietary docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) because of the possible benefits, a randomized trial that included more than 2,000 women finds that use of DHA supplements did not result in lower levels of postpartum depression in […]

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