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Researcher Ha T. Nguyen, Ph.D.

Mexican-Americans Who Are Obese Lack Diet And Exercise Advice From Doctors

Only half of obese Mexican-American adults receive diet and exercise advice from their physicians, although obesity is on the rise for this group. “Among this obese population, not seeing 100 percent of people receiving advice is discouraging. There is a much higher risk of having negative health consequences,” said Ha Nguyen, Ph.D., an assistant professor […]

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a doctor examining a patient

Surprising Drop In Physicians’ Willingness To Accept Patients With Insurance

As required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, millions of people will soon be added to the ranks of the insured. However, this rapid expansion of coverage is colliding with a different, potentially problematic trend that could end up hampering access to health care. Since 2005, doctors have been accepting fewer […]

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Specialty Physicians Turn Away Two Thirds Of Children With Public Insurance

Sixty-six percent of publicly-insured children were unable to get a doctor’s appointment for medical conditions requiring outpatient specialty care including diabetes and seizures, while children with identical symptoms and private insurance were turned away only 11 percent of the time, according to an audit study of 273 specialty physician practices in Cook County, Ill. conducted […]

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