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Pathological Gamblers Are Also At Risk For Mental Health Disorders

Pathological gamblers are risking more than their money, they are also three times more likely to commit suicide than non-betters. A new Montreal inter-university study has shown these gamblers are also plagued by personality disorders. These findings, published in a recent issue of the Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, may have implications for developing improved targeted […]

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Associated With Maladaptive Personality Features And Personality Disorders

A soon to be published study suggests that chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with an increased prevalence of maladaptive personality features and personality disorders. Researchers found that this might be associated with being non-compliant with treatment suggestions, displaying unhealthy behavioral strategies, and lacking a stable social environment. The results are to be published in the […]

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Researcher Mark Lenzenweger

Positive Adult Interactions During Childhood Can Guard Against Personality Disorders

Learning a hobby or other complex task in childhood with assistance from a trusted adult may help guard against the emergence of a personality disorder (PD) later on in life, reports a study in the current issue of the journal, Development and Psychopathology. Spending time with a child by reading with them, helping with homework, […]

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Christopher Hopwood at Michigan State University

Researchers Propose A New Way To Classify Personality Disorders

Research led by a Michigan State University psychologist is playing a key role in the effort to change the way mental health clinicians classify personality disorders. The study by Christopher Hopwood and colleagues calls for a more scientific and practical method of categorizing personality disorders – a proposal that ultimately could improve treatment, Hopwood said.

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Brain Abnormalities May Cause Antisocial Behavior And Drug Abuse In Boys

Antisocial boys who abuse drugs, break laws, and act recklessly are not just “bad” kids. Many of these boys may have malfunctioning brains, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The results are published in the open access journal PloS ONE. Check the end of this report […]

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Excellent Free Resource: The Big Five Inventory (Personality Assessment)

The Big Five Inventory (BFI), which is based on the classic “big five” dimensions of personality, was released into the public domain. All healthcare professionals may now use the BFI for free, and the author offers a free online scoring program. Oliver P. John, Ph.D. and V. Benet-Martinez developed the BFI in 1998, and in […]

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Patients With Anti-Social Personality Disorder Benefit From Extended Neurofeedback

Researchers report in a clinical case series that patients with anti-social personality disorder benefited from extended quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG)-guided neurofeedback sessions. QEEG-guided neurofeedback provides individually tailored neurotherapy sessions based on a patient’s unique EEG and comparisons to age appropriate, normative databases. This is the first neurofeedback study that I am aware of with this population.

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