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Zerinque brain cell model

Brain Cell Networks Recreated With New View Of Memory Formation Activity

University of Pittsburgh researchers have reproduced the brain’s complex electrical impulses onto models made of living brain cells that provide an unprecedented view of the neuron activity behind memory formation. The team fashioned ring-shaped networks of brain cells that were not only capable of transmitting an electrical impulse, but also remained in a state of […]

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Researcher Ted Abel, PhD

Researchers Identify The Root Of Memory Impairment Resulting From Sleep Deprivation

From high-school students to surgeons, anyone who has pulled an all-nighter knows there is a price to be paid the next day: trouble focusing, a fuzzy memory, and other cognitive impairments. Now, researchers at Penn have found the part of the brain and the neurochemical basis for sleep deprivation’s effects on memory. Their research was […]

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tree of truth

Brain Mechanisms Of Self-Consciousness, Out-Of-Body Experiences, And First Person Perspective Revealed

A new study uses creative engineering to unravel brain mechanisms associated with one of the most fundamental subjective human feelings: self-consciousness. The research, published by Cell Press in the April 28 issue of the journal Neuron, identifies a brain region called the temporo-parietal junction as being critical for the feeling of being an entity localized […]

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Neurochemical Cascade

Neuroscientists Discover New ‘Chemical Pathway’ In The Brain For Stress

A team of neuroscientists at the University of Leicester, UK, in collaboration with researchers from Poland and Japan, has announced a breakthrough in the understanding of the ‘brain chemistry’ that triggers our response to highly stressful and traumatic events. The discovery of a critical and previously unknown pathway in the brain that is linked to […]

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Brain Scientists Offer Medical Educators 10 Tips To Improve Student Engagement In And Retention Of Material

Everyone would like MDs to have the best education – and to absorb what they are taught. The lead article in the April 4 issue of the journal Academic Medicine* connects research on how the brain learns to how to incorporate this understanding into real world education, particularly the education of doctors.

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