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Sarah E. Anderson, PhD

Quality Of Mother-Toddler Relationship Linked To Teen Obesity

The quality of the emotional relationship between a mother and her young child could affect the potential for that child to be obese during adolescence, a new study suggests. Researchers analyzed national data detailing relationship characteristics between mothers and their children during their toddler years. The lower the quality of the relationship in terms of […]

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Katrina Leupp

Working Moms Who Do Not Embrace The ‘Supermom Myth” Have Less Depression

Working moms have lower rates of depression than their stay-at-home counterparts, but buying into the supermom myth could put working mothers at greater risk for depression. A new study shows that working mothers who expressed a supermom attitude that work and home lives can be blended with relative ease showed more depression symptoms than working […]

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Alison Stuebe

Mothers With Breastfeeding Difficulties Are More Likely To Suffer Postpartum Depression

Women who have breastfeeding difficulties in the first two weeks after giving birth are more likely to suffer postpartum depression two months later compared to women without such difficulties. For that reason, women with breastfeeding difficulties should be screened for depressive symptoms, according to a new study by researchers at the University of North Carolina […]

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Researcher Fred Markowitz

The Stigmatizing Attitudes Of Family Can Impede The Recovery Of Mentally Ill Loved-Ones

A new study led by a Northern Illinois University sociologist shows that while family members often provide critical support, they also can sometimes be the source of stigmatizing attitudes that impede the recovery of mentally ill relatives. “Negative attitudes of family members have the potential to affect the ways that mentally ill persons view themselves, […]

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an infant laying on a cover

Role Of Environment In Post-Natal Depression Revealed

New research involving the University of York explores the interplay between genes and environment when determining whether a mother is at high or low risk for post-natal depression. As part of the continuing Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study, launched in 1997, researchers, including Professor John Hobcraft, of York’s Department of Social Policy and Social […]

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Reseacher Madhukar Trivedi

Successful Depression Treatment Of Mothers Have Long-Term Benefits For Children

Children whose mothers are successfully treated for depression show progressive and marked improvement in their own behaviors even a year after their moms discontinue treatment, new UT Southwestern Medical Center-led research shows. Additionally, the faster mothers got better, the faster their kids improved – and the greater the degree of improvement experienced.

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Researcher Keith Godfrey

Poor Nutrition During Pregnancy Can Cause Epigenetic Changes That Increase Risk Of Childhood Obesity

An international study, led by University of Southampton researchers and including teams from New Zealand and Singapore, has shown for the first time that during pregnancy, a mother’s diet can alter the function of her child’s DNA. The process, called epigenetic change, can lead to her child tending to lay down more fat. Importantly, the […]

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