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MIT Researchers Identify And Localize Language Function In The Brain

New research from MIT suggests that there are parts of our brain dedicated to language and only language, a finding that marks a major advance in the search for brain regions specialized for sophisticated mental functions. Functional specificity, as it’s known to cognitive scientists, refers to the idea that discrete parts of the brain handle […]

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Dyslexia Linked To Difficulties In The Perception Of Rhythmic Music Patterns

Children with dyslexia often find it difficult to count the number of syllables in spoken words or to determine whether words rhyme. These subtle difficulties are seen across languages with different writing systems, and they indicate that the dyslexic brain has trouble processing the way that sounds in spoken language are structured. In a new […]

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Limited English Proficiency Among Parents Of Pediatric Patients Associated With Increased Length Of Hospital Stay

Among children whose parents and other primary caregivers have limited English proficiency, there is an associated increased length of hospital stay and decreased number of home health care referrals for pediatric inpatients with infections requiring long-term antibiotics, according to a report in the May issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the […]

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Speaking More Than One Language Can Bolster Brain Function

Once likened to a confusing tower of Babel, speaking more than one language can actually bolster brain function by serving as a mental gymnasium, according to researcher Judith Kroll, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Penn State. Kroll went on to state that these findings counter previous conclusions that bilingualism hindered cognitive development.

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Healthcare Quality Is Improved When Providers And Patients Speak The Same Language

Wayne State University researchers have found that when patients and providers speak the same language, patients report less confusion and better health care quality. The findings were based on data from the Pew Hispanic Center/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Latino Health Survey. The study, led by Hector M. González, Ph.D., appears in the Journal of the […]

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