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Children With ADHD Realize Significant Benefits From Neurofeedback Training In a Randomized Clinical Trial

In a yet unpublished study (in press), researchers* report that children with ADHD who underwent neurofeedback training in a randomized clinical trial realized significant improvements on numerous home and school behavioral rating scales. The study included a large sample size, randomized assignment to an experimental or control group, semi-blinded parents to their child’s treatment condition, […]

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New Recommended Books Section

Just a quick post to alert our readers to the new Recommended Books section of this website. The goal is the create the ultimate Health Psychology / Medical Psychology / Behavioral Medicine book list. Hopefully many books will eventually receive formal reviews. Only books that we have personally read or are well thought of by […]

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Excellent Free Resource for Healthcare Providers: Clinical Performance Measures

The American Medical Association publishes free online documents (PDF) called the Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement that provide specific overviews of many common physical and mental health conditions, such as hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and adult diabetes. These  “Clinical Performance Measures” include a nice summary of important information relevant to the specific disease, […]

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Type 2 Diabetes: Weight Loss After Diagnosis Improves Long-Term Health Outcomes

Kaiser Permanente is a progressive not-for-profit health plan provider and one of the initial advocates of behavioral health integration into overall primary medical care.  Newly published research* suggests that people who lose weight immediately following Type 2 Diabetes, “insulin resistance,” diagnosis realize improved health outcomes, such as reaching blood pressure and blood sugar goals.  Another […]

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