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Minocycline capsules

Parents Report Minocycline (A Widely Prescribed Antibiotic) Is Effective For Treating Their Children With Fragile X Syndrome

One of the antibiotics most commonly prescribed to treat adolescent acne can increase attention spans and communication and decrease anxiety in patients with fragile X syndrome, the most common inherited cause of mental impairment, according to a new survey study that is the first published on parents’ reports of their children’s responses to treatment with […]

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X Chromosome

Neuroscientists Identify Synaptic Defect In Brain Area Involved In Fragile X Syndrome

Researchers at India’s National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) and New York University’s Center for Neural Science have identified novel synaptic defects in an area of the brain that is involved in the debilitating emotional symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome (FXS). FXS is the leading known genetic cause of autism and mental retardation. The study, […]

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Imaging Reveals Abnormal Brain Growth In Toddlers With Fragile X

Differences in brain growth patterns between preschool-aged boys with Fragile X syndrome (FXS), the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability, and their healthy peers suggest that the disorder may affect brain development both before and after birth, according to NIMH-funded researchers. In addition, their findings indicate ages 1-5 are an important window for better […]

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chromosome with faces

Autism Consortium Study In Pediatrics Shows CMA Finds More Genetic Abnormalities Than Current Tests

The Autism Consortium, an innovative research, clinical, and family collaboration dedicated to catalyzing research and enhancing clinical care for families with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), announced today that the results of its comparison study of genetic testing methods for autism spectrum disorders is available from the journal Pediatrics through early online release in their eFirst […]

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PiB Uptake in the brain

MIT Neuroscientists Develop Promising Treatments That Could Reverse Autism, Mental Retardation, And Alzheimer’s Disease

In his own words, MIT neuroscientist Mark Bear admits he did not “wake up one day and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to cure autism.’” But, after decades of painstaking basic research on how the brain rewires itself in response to external cues, Bear has discovered a way to reverse the symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome, […]

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