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child playing on a swing

Quality Of Life For Children With ADHD And Their Families Worsens With Greater Disease Severity

The greater the severity of a child’s Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms, the more negative impacts on the child’s health-related quality of life from the perspective of the child and the parent, a new study by a Baylor University psychologist has found. Researchers compared children with ADHD in different types of treatment settings and […]

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family making dinner

Family Meals Remain Important Through Teenage Years And Help To Reduce Risk Of Eating Disorders

As children become teenagers, it may be more challenging to regularly include them in family meals, but doing so is key to heading off such problems as eating disorders, obesity, and inadequate nutrition in adolescence, said Barbara Fiese, a University of Illinois professor of human development and family studies and director of the U of […]

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empathetic twins

Tune Into Others

What Are They Feeling? The Practice Tune into others. Why? Imagine a world in which people interacted with each other like ants or fish. Imagine a day at work like this, or in your family, aware of the surface behavior of the people around you but oblivious to their inner life while they remain unmoved […]

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Researcher Colleen Heflin

Federal Welfare Programs Can Have Negative Effects On Children’s Cognitive Scores

The United States federal government supports many welfare and entitlement programs that attempt to eliminate poverty by providing financial assistance to families in need. Now, Colleen Heflin, an associate professor in the Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri, has found that requirements for some of these welfare programs can create stress […]

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Researcher Fred Markowitz

The Stigmatizing Attitudes Of Family Can Impede The Recovery Of Mentally Ill Loved-Ones

A new study led by a Northern Illinois University sociologist shows that while family members often provide critical support, they also can sometimes be the source of stigmatizing attitudes that impede the recovery of mentally ill relatives. “Negative attitudes of family members have the potential to affect the ways that mentally ill persons view themselves, […]

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Researcher Carsten Wrosch

Coping Style Significantly Impacts Life Satisfaction Of Primary Caregiver Of Mentally Ill Family Member

Caring for a family member with a mental illness can be a taxing experience marked by personal sacrifices and psychological problems. A new study from Concordia University, AMI-Québec and the University of British Columbia has found family caregivers can experience high levels of stress, self-blame, substance abuse and depressive symptoms – unless they refocus their […]

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