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Researcher Madhusmita Misra, MD

Teenage Girls With Anorexia Have Increased Bone Density After Physiological Estrogen Treatment

Estrogen therapy improves low bone density due to anorexia nervosa in teenage girls with the disease when given as a patch or as a low oral dose that is physiological (close to the form or amount of estrogen the body makes naturally). These results of a new study are being presented Monday at The Endocrine […]

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Ritalin SR 20MG pills

Medication Used To Treat ADHD Helps Women With Menopause Improve Focus And Memory Deficits

At menopause, many women begin to notice a decline in their attention, organization, and short-term memory. These cognitive symptoms can lead to professional and personal challenges and unwarranted fears of early-onset dementia. A small study by Penn Medicine and Yale researchers, published in the journal Menopause, found that a drug typically given to children and […]

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graph of genetic problems

DNA Decoded From Patients With Breast Cancer Reveals Complexity And Hints Toward Personalized Medicine

In the single largest cancer genomics investigation reported to date, scientists have sequenced the whole genomes of tumors from 50 breast cancer patients and compared them to the matched DNA of the same patients’ healthy cells. This comparison allowed researchers to find mutations that only occurred in the cancer cells. They uncovered incredible complexity in […]

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human weight scale

Obesity May Increase Risk of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Scientists from the Women’s Health Initiative found a relationship between obesity, physical inactivity, and triple-negative breast cancer (i.e., a subtype of breast cancer characterized by a lack of estrogen, progesterone, and HER2 expression). Triple-negative breast cancers account for about 10 to 20 percent of all breast cancers and are associated with an extremely poor prognosis […]

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a brain with electricity shooting off

Estrogen Boosts Mental Performance

Estrogen is an elixir for the brain that sharpens mental performance in humans and animals and shows promise as a treatment for disorders of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. But long-term estrogen therapy, once prescribed routinely for menopausal women, now is quite controversial because of research showing it increases the risk of […]

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