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Regular ‘Green Time’ Is Linked To Milder Symptoms For Children With ADHD

A study of more than 400 children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has found a link between the children’s routine play settings and the severity of their symptoms, researchers report. Those who regularly play in outdoor settings with lots of green (grass and trees, for example) have milder ADHD symptoms than those who […]

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a mother who is stressed out

Depression And Anxiety Are Triggered By Combination Of Environmental, Psychological, And Genetic Factors

roblems like anxiety and depression are caused by psychological and environmental factors, and are known to be influenced by genetic proclivities. However, it is still not clear how each factor affects the brain’s functions to induce anxious and depressive symptoms. To shed light on these interactions, a team from the Centre Émotion-Remédiation et Réalité Virtuelle […]

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Joachim Hallmayer, M.D.

Twin Study Of Autism Spectrum Disorders Suggests Genetic Component May Be Moderate, While Environmental Component May Be Substantial

After evaluating twin pairs in which at least one child has autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), researchers suggest that the shared environment may play a more substantial role in development of the condition than shared genes do, according to a report published Online First today by Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives […]

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Kenneth Kendler, M.D.

Emotional ‘Set Points’ Are Determined By Genetic Factors And Total Aggregate Of Environmental Experiences, Finds Long Term Twin Study

Living through weddings or divorces, job losses, and children’s triumphs, we sometimes feel better and sometimes feel worse. But, psychologists observe, we tend to drift back to a “set point” — a stable resting point, or baseline, in the mind’s level of contentment or unease. Research has shown that the set points for depression and […]

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News Source May Steer Perceived Solution To Childhood Obesity

Where you get your news could play a significant role in determining what you perceive as the best strategy for addressing childhood obesity. According to a study led by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, whether you believe the keys to combating childhood obesity are personal factors, such as individual behavior […]

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Brain Structure Adapts To Changes In Environment (Deprived Versus Enriched)

Scientists have known for years that neurogenesis takes place throughout adulthood in the hippocampus of the mammalian brain. Now Columbia researchers have found that under stressful conditions, neural stem cells in the adult hippocampus can produce not only neurons, but also new stem cells. The brain stockpiles the neural stem cells, which later may produce […]

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an infant laying on a cover

Role Of Environment In Post-Natal Depression Revealed

New research involving the University of York explores the interplay between genes and environment when determining whether a mother is at high or low risk for post-natal depression. As part of the continuing Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study, launched in 1997, researchers, including Professor John Hobcraft, of York’s Department of Social Policy and Social […]

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Inability To Combat Oxidative Stress May Trigger Development Of Asthma

An impaired ability to handle oxidative stress that arises from exposure to secondhand smoke and other environmental triggers may contribute to the development of asthma, according to results obtained from the Shanghai Women’s Health Asthma and Allergy Study. The results of the study suggest regulating the body’s antioxidant defense system may play an important role […]

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