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Violent Games Can Emotionally Desensitize Players To Aggressive Behavior

After excessively violent events, shoot ’em up games regularly come under scrutiny. In Norway, several first-person shooter games actually disappeared from the market for a while after the killings. Does intense fighting on a flat screen display also result in aggressive behavior in real life? Researchers from the University of Bonn found brain activity patterns […]

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Violent TV Or Video Games Desensitizes Teenagers And May Promote Aggressive Behavior

Watching violent films, TV programs, or video games desensitizes teenagers, blunts their emotional responses to aggression and potentially promotes aggressive attitudes and behavior, according to new research published online today in the Oxford Journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (Tuesday 19 October). Although previous research has suggested that people can become more aggressive and desensitized […]

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