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Stephen E. Lankenau, PhD

Misuse Of Pain Medication Is Gateway To High-Risk Behaviors, Such As Intravenous Drug Use

A new study by researchers at Drexel University’s School of Public Health suggests that abuse of prescription painkillers may be an important gateway to the use of injected drugs such as heroin, among people with a history of using both types of drugs. The study, published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, explores factors surrounding […]

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Prescription Pain Medication Addiction Prevalent Among Patients With Chronic Pain

A new study by Geisinger Health System researchers finds a high prevalence of prescription pain medication addiction among patients with chronic pain. In addition, researchers found that the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) new definition of addiction, which was expected to reduce the number of people considered addicts who take these medicines, actually resulted in the […]

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Researcher Lynne I Wagner, PhD

Many Cancer Survivors Suffer Ongoing Problems With Pain, Fatigue, Sleep, Memory, And Concentration 3 to 5 Years After Treatment

When people finish treatment for cancer, they want to bounce back to their former vital selves as quickly as possible. But a new Northwestern Medicine study — one of the largest survivor studies ever conducted – shows many survivors still suffer moderate to severe problems with pain, fatigue, sleep, memory, and concentration three to five […]

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Alternative Health Practices Show Benefits For Treating Chronic Pain

A variety of complementary and alternative health practices — including meditation and relaxation techniques, manual therapies such as massage and spinal manipulation, meditative exercise forms such as yoga, Tai Chi, and ancient health practices such as acupuncture — show promise for contributing to the management of pain according to research presented today at the Annual […]

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medication bottles tipped over

Additional Trials Needed to Assess Pain Drug Safety in Children

Can we be certain that pain medications considered safe for adults based on extensive clinical data and experience are equally safe for use in young children? Pediatric pain experts discussed this question today in a panel session at the American Pain Society (APS) annual scientific meeting and agreed more short term and long-term clinical data […]

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