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An Introduction to EEG Phenotypes (Part 3)

Part 1 of this series provided a basic introduction to and a list of the 11 candidate electroencephalography (EEG) phenotypes, while Part 2 covered 5 of 11 EEG phenotypes. Part 3 details the remaining 6 EEG phenotypes with some final thoughts and a wrap up of this popular series. As detailed beforehand, the phenotypes and […]

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An Introduction to EEG Phenotypes (Part 1)

Researchers* recently proposed the existence of numerous EEG phenotypes. EEG phenotypes were derived through Johnston, Gunkelman, & Lunt’s (2005) extensive clinical experience and the observation that similar EEG patterns recur in persons with different psychological disorders. EEG phenotypes are a useful method of EEG pattern categorization that requires visual inspection the raw EEG, and often, […]

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