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Researcher Takeo Watanabe

Novel Cognitive Training Dramatically Improves Limitations Of “Attentional Blink”

So far it has seemed an irreparable limitation of human perception that we strain to perceive things in the very rapid succession of, say, less than half a second. Psychologists call this deficit an “attentional blink.” We’ll notice that first car spinning out in our path, but maybe not register the one immediately beyond it. […]

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a father holding his young baby

Growth Rate Of Premature Babies’ Brain May Predict Ability Certain Cognitive Abilities Later In Childhood.

New research suggests the growth rate of the brain’s cerebral cortex in babies born prematurely may predict how well they are able to think, speak, plan and pay attention later in childhood. The research is published in the October 12, 2011, online issue ofNeurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The cerebral […]

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MRI of the human brain

A New Model Of Working Memory

“Working memory” is what we have to keep track of things moment to moment: driving on a highway and focusing on the vehicles around us, then forgetting them as we move on; remembering all the names at the dinner party while conversing with one person about her job. Most psychologists explain working memory with a […]

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Researcher Karen Ersche

Abnormal Brain Structure Linked To Chronic Cocaine Abuse

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have identified abnormal brain structures in the frontal lobe of cocaine users’ brains which are linked to their compulsive cocaine-using behavior. The research was led by Dr. Ersche of the Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute (BCNI) at the University of Cambridge. Their findings were published today, 21 June, in […]

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scary eyes

Children At Risk For Psychopathy Do Not Register Fear As Quickly As Healthy Children

Psychopaths are charming, but they often get themselves and others in big trouble; their willingness to break social norms and lack of remorse means they are often at risk for crimes and other irresponsible behaviors. One hypothesis on how psychopathy works is that it has to do with a fear deficit. A new study, which […]

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Ritalin SR 20MG pills

Medication Used To Treat ADHD Helps Women With Menopause Improve Focus And Memory Deficits

At menopause, many women begin to notice a decline in their attention, organization, and short-term memory. These cognitive symptoms can lead to professional and personal challenges and unwarranted fears of early-onset dementia. A small study by Penn Medicine and Yale researchers, published in the journal Menopause, found that a drug typically given to children and […]

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