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Prescription Medication

Antibiotics Have A Long-Term Impact On Good Gut Bacteria

Short courses of antibiotics can leave normal gut bacteria harboring antibiotic resistance genes for up to two years after treatment, say scientists writing in the latest issue of Microbiology, published on 3 November. The researchers believe that this reservoir increases the chances of resistance genes being surrendered to pathogenic bacteria, aiding their survival and suggesting […]

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Pharmaceutical Conservation Key To Slowing Rise Of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

The United States must focus on conserving the use of antibacterial drugs, or face a public health crisis from rapidly rising rates of antibiotic-resistant infections, according to an analysis out today. Evidence indicates that our nation’s supply of antibiotics is being depleted by resistance, which occurs when infection-causing microbes mutate or change so that they […]

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Minocycline capsules

Parents Report Minocycline (A Widely Prescribed Antibiotic) Is Effective For Treating Their Children With Fragile X Syndrome

One of the antibiotics most commonly prescribed to treat adolescent acne can increase attention spans and communication and decrease anxiety in patients with fragile X syndrome, the most common inherited cause of mental impairment, according to a new survey study that is the first published on parents’ reports of their children’s responses to treatment with […]

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Bacteria (Streptococcus pneumoniae, red) under attack by a neutrophil (blue). Credit: Jeffrey Weiser, PhD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

“Good” Bacteria Keep Immune System Primed To Fight Future Infections

Scientists have long pondered the seeming contradiction that taking broad-spectrum antibiotics over a long period of time can lead to severe secondary bacterial infections. Now researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine may have figured out why. The investigators show that “good” bacteria in the gut keep the immune system primed to more […]

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