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Poisoning By Prescription Drugs On The Rise

Poisoning is now the second leading cause of unintentional injury death in the U.S. While several recent high-profile Hollywood celebrity cases have brought the problem to public attention, the rates of unintentional poisoning deaths have been on the rise for more than 15 years, and in fact, unintentional poisoning has surpassed motor vehicle crashes as […]

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New Treatment For Social Problems In Autism? Oxytocin Improves Emotion Recognition

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are developmental disorders usually diagnosed in childhood. Children with ASDs have impairments in social interactions and communication, and a tendency towards repetitive behaviors. A hallmark of autism is a difficulty in understanding and reciprocating the emotion of others. Although behavioral therapies can improve some symptoms of autism, there is currently no […]

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Antidepressants Are Beneficial In Physically Ill Patients With Depression

Antidepressants are effective against depression in patients suffering from physical illnesses, according to a new systematic review by Cochrane researchers at King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre in the UK. The researchers found the drugs were more effective than placebos at treating depression in these patients. (read the full story)

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A New Generation Of Rapid-Acting Antidepressants?

Conventional antidepressant treatments generally require three to four weeks to become effective, thus the discovery of treatments with a more rapid onset is a major goal of biological psychiatry. The first drug found to produce rapid improvement in mood was the NMDA glutamate receptor antagonist, ketamine. In a new issue of Biological Psychiatry, published by […]

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Bacteria (Streptococcus pneumoniae, red) under attack by a neutrophil (blue). Credit: Jeffrey Weiser, PhD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

“Good” Bacteria Keep Immune System Primed To Fight Future Infections

Scientists have long pondered the seeming contradiction that taking broad-spectrum antibiotics over a long period of time can lead to severe secondary bacterial infections. Now researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine may have figured out why. The investigators show that “good” bacteria in the gut keep the immune system primed to more […]

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Antidepressant Medication May Result In Improved Cognitive Function After Stroke

Antidepressant medication has taken a beating in recent published scientific literature that examines its efficacy to treat depression. Now for some good news on antidepressant medication. Patients who received the antidepressant escitalopram following a stroke appeared to recover more of their thinking, learning, and memory skills than those taking placebo or participating in problem-solving therapy, […]

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