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Researchers Identify Brain Abnormalities In Children Exposed To Methamphetamine In Utero

It has long been known that alcohol exposure is toxic to the developing fetus and can result in lifelong brain, cognitive and behavioral problems. Now, a new report out of UCLA shows that the effects of prenatal methamphetamine exposure – or worse, a combination of methamphetamine and alcohol – may be even more damaging. (read […]

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Increasing Neurogenesis Might Prevent Drug Addiction And Relapse

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center hope they have begun paving a new pathway in the fight against drug dependence. Their hypothesis – that increasing the normally occurring process of making nerve cells might prevent addiction – is based on a rodent study demonstrating that blocking new growth of specific brain nerve cells increases vulnerability […]

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Alcohol Use And Cognitive Decline Among The Elderly

Alcohol Use And Cognitive Decline Among The Elderly

Studies of alcohol use and cognition among the elderly are rare and have mixed results. A study of drinking among the elderly in Brazil has found that heavy alcohol use is associated with more memory and cognitive problems than mild-to-moderate alcohol use, especially among women. Mild-to-moderate alcohol use was associated with lower cognitive disorder rates […]

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Adolescent Perceptions Of Risk From Substance Use

Adolescence is a period of significant developmental change when health patterns are being established. Decisions that youths make about tobacco, alcohol, and drug use can have both immediate and long-term health consequences for themselves, their families, and their communities. Adolescents’ attitudes about the risks associated with substance use are often closely related to their substance […]

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Words Used To Describe Patients With Substance-Use Can Alter Attitudes And Contribute To Stigma

Changing the words used to describe someone struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction may significantly alter the attitudes of healthcare professionals, even those who specialize in addiction treatment. Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers have found that health professionals’ answers to survey questions about a hypothetical patient varied depending on whether he was described as a […]

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Teen Methamphetamine Use And Cigarette Smoking At The Lowest Levels In NIDA’s 2009 Monitoring The Future Survey

Methamphetamine use among teens appears to have dropped significantly in recent years according to NIDA’s annual Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey that was released at a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington. However, the survey also reported that declines in marijuana use have stalled and that prescription drug abuse remains high. The […]

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