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The Brain Responds To Others Based On Their Socioeconomic Status Relative To Its Own Perceived ‘Rank’

Our own social status influences the way our brains respond to others of higher or lower rank, according to a new study reported online on April 28 in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication. People of higher subjective socioeconomic status show greater brain activity in response to other high-ranked individuals, while those with lower status […]

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Frequent Social Activity May Help To Prevent Or Delay Cognitive Decline In Old Age

If you want to keep your brain healthy, it turns out that visiting friends, attending parties, and even going to church might be just as good for you as crossword puzzles. According to research conducted at Rush University Medical Center, frequent social activity may help to prevent or delay cognitive decline in old age. The […]

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Researcher Sarah E. Anderson, PhD

Children With Insecure Parental Attachments May Be At Increased Risk For Obesity

Toddlers who do not have a secure emotional relationship with their parents, and particularly their mothers, could be at increased risk for obesity by age 4.5 years old, according to new research. The study suggests that children at age 24 months who show insecure attachment patterns have at least 30 percent higher odds for obesity […]

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Half Of Patients With Bipolar Disorder Suffer Serious Work, Social, or Family Disabilities

According to the study, 50% of patients suffering from bipolar disorder suffers some type of work, social, and family disability, and approximately 20% present some disorder at the three levels. This was the conclusion drawn in a cientific article recently published in the prestigious journal Psychiatry Research, prepared by Dr. Luis Gutiérrez Rojas, a member […]

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Children Who Suffer From Extreme Social Anxiety Are Trapped In A Nightmare Of Misinterpreted Facial Expressions

Children suffering from extreme social anxiety are trapped in a nightmare of misinterpreted facial expressions: They confuse angry faces with sad ones, a new Emory University study shows. Emory psychologist Steve Nowicki, a clinical researcher who developed the tests used in the study. The study was co-authored by Amy Walker, a former undergraduate student at […]

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Gender Differences In Depression Negatively Impact Empathic Accuracy

Depression erodes intimate relationships. A depressed person can be withdrawn, needy, or hostile—and give little back. But there is another way that depression isolates partners from each other. It chips away at the ability to perceive the others’ thoughts and feelings. It impairs what psychologists call “empathic accuracy” — and that can exacerbate alienation, depression, […]

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