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a disabled person in a wheelchair

Older Caregivers Face Increased Risk Of Cognitive Problems Due To Stress And Shared Lifestyle

An older individual who cares for a spouse with dementia may be at an increased risk of developing cognitive problems because of the lifestyle that was shared with the spouse and because of the stress of caring for a loved one who is ill. These findings, which are published today in the Journal of the […]

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Infant sleeping with Dad

Marriage Problems Related To Infant Sleep Difficulties

Couples having marital difficulties may have infants who are losing sleep, according to a new study – and that may have a continuing impact on the children. Specifically, researchers found that marital instability when the child was ninth months old was related to child sleep problems at 18 months, including difficulties falling asleep and staying […]

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fully loaded hamburger

‘Fatting In’ – Immigrant Groups Eat High-Calorie American Meals To Fit In

Immigrants to the United States and their U.S.-born children gain more than a new life and new citizenship. They gain weight. The wide availability of cheap, convenient, fatty American foods and large meal portions have been blamed for immigrants packing on pounds, approaching U.S. levels of obesity within 15 years of their move. The results […]

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Reseacher Madhukar Trivedi

Successful Depression Treatment Of Mothers Have Long-Term Benefits For Children

Children whose mothers are successfully treated for depression show progressive and marked improvement in their own behaviors even a year after their moms discontinue treatment, new UT Southwestern Medical Center-led research shows. Additionally, the faster mothers got better, the faster their kids improved – and the greater the degree of improvement experienced.

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married couple

Marital Relationships Are Important Determinants Of Long-Term Physical And Emotional Health

A study of older married couples that gives new meaning to the matrimonial adage “for better or worse” finds that spouses have a much greater impact on their partner’s health than previously known. The study, published in the current issue of the American Psychological Association’s journal Health Psychology, finds strong associations between the physical and […]

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