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Subscribers To The Amazon Kindle Edition Of The Behavioral Medicine Report Now Receive Full Text Articles!

A subscriber to the Kindle Edition of The Behavioral Medicine Report recently contacted us to find out why they only had access to excerpts of our articles. I immediately looked into this, and sure enough, only shortened versions of the full articles were streamed to Kindle. After some technical tweaking of our RSS feed, I am pleased to announce to our valued Kindle subscribers now receive each newly published article in full.

This might be a good time to plug the Kindle Edition of The Behavioral Medicine Report! You can receive all of our latest articles directly on your shiny new Kindle that you received for Christmas for only .99/month (under a dollar).

Find out more on the Kindle Edition of The Behavioral Medicine Report here. A two week free trial subscription is available. Find out more about Kindle here.

Discover other free ways to stay up to date with The Behavioral Medicine Report on our Subscribe webpage.

Enjoy and thank you for your continued support of this website!


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