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Neurofeedback Research Team Offers To Donate Money To The ISNR Research Fund For Practitioners That Complete A Survey

paper_pen_surveyAre you a neurofeedback practitioner with personal characteristics that influence neurofeedback therapy (NFT) outcomes? The research team wants to hear your thoughts about NFT. We are offering to donate $2.00 to the ISNR Research Fund when you complete a 10 minute online survey on your NFT perspectives. The survey can be found here or please continue to read this article for more details about this NFT outcomes study.

Research continues to provide empirical support for NFT efficacy and effectiveness. A recent meta-analysis demonstrated large effect sizes for NFT on impulsivity and inattention and a medium effect size for hyperactivity symptoms of ADHD; utilizing AAPB and ISNR clinical efficacy guidelines, the authors classified NFT as a “Level 5 Efficacious and Specific” treatment for ADHD (Arns, et al., 2009). The National Institute of Mental Health funded a randomized control study of NFT for ADHD. Hammond (2007) compiled an extensive bibliography of neurofeedback research, and Yucha and Gilbert (2008) published Evidence-Based Practice in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. The September 2009 ISNR conference will be offering an extensive number of presentations of current research findings.

Despite advances in the quantity and quality of NFT research, a comprehensive literature review only found a handful of experimental investigations into practitioner variables that influence NFT process and outcome variables. Rubi (2006) investigated the utilization of NFT around the world and reported on practitioner demographic variables. Additional findings of our literature review included one article that emphasized the importance of establishing formal NFT practice standards (Hammond & Kirk, 2008) and another that discussed a staff training program that highlighted age as a potential practitioner variable for specific client types ( Thompson and Thompson, 2008).

Current Investigation
Limited investigation into practitioner variables that influence NFT process and outcomes triggered our team to explore this topic. We started with the following questions: Are there practitioner characteristics specific to NFT? If so, what are the characteristics? Do the characteristics influence process and outcome variables? To explore our questions, we developed a mixed-method three phase study. Phase one focuses on uncovering NFT perspectives through qualitative methodology. Phase two proposes to develop and test a NFT practitioner characteristic (NFPC) measurement tool through a confirmatory factor analysis. Phase three investigates practitioner variables (measured by the NFPC) that influence process and outcome variables.

Take The 10-Minute Online Survey
Visit Survey Monkey here.
The researchers will donate $2.00 to the ISNR Research Fund for each completed survey (subject to maximum allocated research funds).

Thanks in advance for your participation,
Jonathon Larson
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

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Yucha, C., and Montgomery, D. (2008). Evidence-Based Practice in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. Wheat Ridge, CO: AAPB.

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