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President Obama’s Healthcare Bill – Download Available

obama_healthcare_bilYou can now download President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill at The Behavioral Medicine Report. At over a 1000 pages, prepare yourself for quite a read. I have debated for some time now whether to post my thoughts on the current state of healthcare and health insurance, but I have decided to not comment on this socialized medicine approach to health insurance at the present time. I simply want to make the healthcare bill easily available to interested psychologists and physicians since these potential changes to U.S. healthcare system will profoundly affect doctors’ day-to-day operations and reimbursements.

The Behavioral Medicine Report was never intended to be an outright political website though admittedly we have a distinct non-political healthcare agenda: the promotion of evidence-based psychological approaches to treatment, especially health psychology and behavioral medicine ones, and public health. However, in the coming months, I may choose to share a few personal opinions about the new direction of our healtchare system.

Download President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill here.


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