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Journey To The Wild Divine And Healing Rhythms Demonstration Videos!

wild_divineJourney to the Wild Divine and Healing Rhythms are part of the Wild Divine hardware/software biofeedback system available for professional or home use. This software sports a cool user interface that teaches relaxation skills through guided tutorials from experts and through visual and auditory feedback complete with modern graphics and beautiful sounds and music. The user explores ancient worlds and must accomplish certain “tasks” to advance while learning psychophysiological regulation. Children seem to especially enjoy the video game-like interface. In addition, The Journey To the Wild Divine series releases new “modules” (i.e., The Passage, Wisdom Quest, etc.) from time-to-time that allow you to explore new worlds. You really need to see this interactive software in action to better understand it. Hence, I have uploaded several videos for our readers to view.

Here are the Wild Divine Videos:

Journey To the Wild Divine – The Passage:

More information on Journey To the Wild Divine: The Passage.

Journey to the Wild Divine – Wisdom Quest:

More information on Journey to the Wild Divine: Wisdom Quest

Healing Rhythms:

More information on Healing Rhythms.



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