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Excellent Free Resource: “Rethinking Drinking” Website

rethinking_drinking_iconThe National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s “Rethinking Drinking: Alcohol and Your Health” is a wonderful online evidenced-based resource for clinicians who work with persons with drinking problems. This website is somewhat unique in that it does not promote abstinence, though abstinence is one treatment option discussed. A downloadable PDF e-book that is suitable for patient handout is also available and includes a summary of the most important information provided on their website.

Rethinking Drinking explains current alcohol-related research, clarifies what constitutes “one drink,” provides interactive questionnaires to assess the patient’s risk pattern of drinking (low risk, at-risk, and heavy), and includes neat calculators to assess important factors, such as drink content and calories. The website also provides CBT type exercises and strategies to cut down or eliminate drinking, as well as additional professional resources for those who want to stop drinking. I very much like that Rethinking Drinking provides guidance to health-conscious individuals who want to safely consume alcohol as many public resources are “abstinence only.”

Visit Rethinking Drinking here.


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