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ACP Publishes Free Brochure That Explain The New Healthcare Law To Patients

Front cover of the new ACP brochureThe American College of Physicians (ACP) today made a guide to help inform consumers about the health care law available free for ordering and distribution. Consumer Guide to Understanding Health System Reform is an educational guide written in English and Spanish and organized in a way that clearly explains what the law has changed, why these changes were made, and when the changes will take effect. Included in this report are links to download both versions of this document.

It was developed by ACP and AARP, the country’s largest consumer-representative organization. ACP is encouraging its member doctors to order the guide – which previously has been available only in English and online – and make it available to patients.

The guide is divided into sections focusing on people who already have health insurance, the uninsured and those who are having trouble finding coverage, and people in Medicare. It also includes information for people who are planning for their long-term care and for small business owners.

“I want my patients to have the best information possible,” said ACP President J. Fred Ralston, Jr., MD, FACP. “This guide lays out the changes brought about by the law and will help my patients and their family members make more informed decisions about their health care.”

Material adapted from American College of Physicians.

Consumer Guide to Understanding Health System Reform (in English)
Consumer Guide to Understanding Health System Reform (in Spanish)
Healthcare professionals may order the brochures here.

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