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Science Daily Research News Update 06-23-09

The current Science Daily Research News Update brings a wide variety of interesting new research that covers brain waves and attention, re-conceptualization of migraine headaches, HIV and marijuana, daily drinking that leads to binge drinking, healthy living on the decline in the U.S., sneaky viruses, how the brain processes speech, smoking cessation and teens, a […]

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Science Daily Research News Update 5-11-09

An interesting few weeks of updates over at Science Daily. Examples of today’s highlighted research topics include that increased food intake (rather than reduced physical activity) is responsible for the obesity epidemic, narcolepsy is now an autoimmune disorder, warnings about pet therapy dogs, childhood obesity may be linked to allergies, Autism and new brain abnormalities […]

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Excellent Free Resource: Adolescent Health E-Book

We recently filed a report about The British Medical Association’s Early Life Nutrition and Lifelong Health E-Book. This same organization publishes a free health and nutrition e-book geared toward adolescents, appropriately titled “Adolescent Health.” Adolescence can be challenging time for some, while not as turbulent for others. Poor health and nutrition, however, can make life […]

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Pharmacotherapies Significantly Improve the Chances of Abstinence From Cigarettes

A recent meta-analysis* revealed that smokers who use a pharmacotherapy to aid in smoking cessation were twice as likely, on average, to maintain complete abstinence from cigarettes. Researchers analyzed 70 randomized controlled trials comprising 32,908 participants. Seven approved pharmacotherapies at 6 and 12 months of use were evaluated, including gum, inhaler, nasal spray, patch, and […]

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