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medication bottles tipped over

Additional Trials Needed to Assess Pain Drug Safety in Children

Can we be certain that pain medications considered safe for adults based on extensive clinical data and experience are equally safe for use in young children? Pediatric pain experts discussed this question today in a panel session at the American Pain Society (APS) annual scientific meeting and agreed more short term and long-term clinical data […]

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a patient meeting with his doctor in the hospital recovery room

Hospital Communication Breakdowns Undercut Safety Effectiveness And Negatively Impact Patient Outcomes

Health care professionals make daily calculated decisions to not alert their colleagues when a safety tool signals potential harm to a patient, according to a new study of 6,500 nurses and nurse managers released March 22 during a national briefing in Philadelphia. Over the past decade, the health care community has developed safety tools to […]

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Interest In E-Cigarettes Is High, But Overall Safety And Effectiveness Remains Unknown

Electronic cigarettes are drawing heavy media and marketing attention, and while a new study finds that consumer interest also runs high, a companion study underscores that e-cigarettes’ ability to help smokers cut down or quit is unknown. E-cigarettes run on batteries and look like real cigarettes, cigars, or even ballpoint pens. Users inhale doses of […]

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