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Ultrasound Pulse

‘Sound’ Science Offers Platform For Brain Treatment And Manipulation

The ability to diagnose and treat brain dysfunction without surgery, may rely on a new method of noninvasive brain stimulation using pulsed ultrasound developed by a team of scientists led by William “Jamie” Tyler, a neuroscientist at Arizona State University. The approach, published in the journal Neuron on June 9, shows that pulsed ultrasound not […]

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Rick Hanson PhD

Your Wise Brain

Your Wise Brain is my blog, posted here on The Behavioral Medicine Report, as well as at Psychology Today, Huffington Post and other major websites. It’s about how to take charge of the caveman brain in the 21st century by using practical methods from the intersection of psychology, neurology, and contemplative practice. (read the full […]

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Imaging Reveals Abnormal Brain Growth In Toddlers With Fragile X

Differences in brain growth patterns between preschool-aged boys with Fragile X syndrome (FXS), the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability, and their healthy peers suggest that the disorder may affect brain development both before and after birth, according to NIMH-funded researchers. In addition, their findings indicate ages 1-5 are an important window for better […]

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Brief Exercise Reduces Impact Of Stress On Cell Aging

Exercise can buffer the effects of stress-induced cell aging, according to new research from UCSF that revealed actual benefits of physical activity at the cellular level. The scientists learned that vigorous physical activity as brief as 42 minutes over a 3-day period, similar to federally recommended levels, can protect individuals from the effects of stress […]

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Computer Computational Model of Environment

Computational Model Sheds Light On How The Brain Recognizes Objects

Researchers at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research have developed a new mathematical model to describe how the human brain visually identifies objects. The model accurately predicts human performance on certain visual-perception tasks, which suggests that it is a good indication of what actually happens in the brain, and it could also help improve computer […]

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Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation At Two Different Targets Produces Similar Motor Improvements in Parkinson’s Disease

In a major study, investigators have compared how individuals with Parkinson’s disease respond to deep brain stimulation (DBS) at two different sites in the brain. Contrary to current belief, patients who received DBS at either site in the brain experienced comparable benefits for the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s. The results appear in the June 3, […]

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