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Anatomy of the human Brain

The Brain From Top To Bottom – An Excellent Free Online Resource

The human central nervous system, particularly the brain, is marvelously integrated and complex. Professionals and students alike may find mastery of clinical neuroanatomy and neurophysiology to be a difficult task. That is why I want to share a fantastic website I recently discovered called “The Brain From Top To Bottom.” Check the end of this […]

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Human Brain Power

Brain Structure Corresponds To Personality

Personalities come in all kinds. Now psychological scientists have found that the size of different parts of people’s brains correspond to their personalities; for example, conscientious people tend to have a bigger lateral prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain involved in planning and controlling behavior. The research appears in Psychological Science, a journal of […]

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The Scientist Research News Update 6-27-09

This edition of The Scientist Research News Update brings about some interesting and potentially controversial research and news. Topics include The University of Iowa to build an underground animal testing facility as added protection from animal’s rights groups, how tools can alter the brain’s map of the body, New York to purchase women’s eggs, Eli […]

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