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an unhappy teenage girl with an energy drink

Energy Drink Consumption Is Strongly Linked With Risks Of Heavy Drinking And Alcohol Dependence

A hallmark of college life is staying up late to study for an exam the following morning, and many students stay awake by consuming an energy drink. Also increasing in popularity is the practice of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. But these drinks are highly caffeinated and can lead to other problems, in addition to […]

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frontal cortex of the human brain

Adolescents At Risk For Alcohol Abuse Show Decreased Brain Activation

The period known as adolescence is a significant time of change for the individual experiencing it. Some of the most significant changes that occur are located within the prefrontal cortex in the brain, which is involved in decision making, social understanding and the ability to view situations from another individual’s point of view. But, adolescence […]

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Teenage Girl

Unhappy Children May Turn To Risky And Potentially Damaging Life Style Choices

Young children who don’t like school are more likely to be involved in underage drinking and sexual activity. A study reported in BioMed Central’s open access journal Substance Abuse, Treatment, Prevention and Policy, has found that pupils’ general wellbeing and specific satisfaction with school were both associated with the incidence of risky behaviors. Check the […]

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Researcher Dr. Margie E. Lachman

Long-Term Protective Effects Of Control Beliefs, Social Support, And Physical Exercise In Midlife And Old Age

Many studies have documented the dangers of the traditional negative physical risk factors on health – excessive smoking, drinking and being overweight. But far less research has focused on less tangible, positive influences – the protective role of psychological and social supports. The research is reported in an article “Promoting Functional Health in Midlife and […]

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