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Psychology covers a broad spectrum of psychological disciplines that include social, behavioral, interpersonal, mental health, personality, and assessment. There is special emphasis on scientific research into human emotional and behavior and how this information can be used to live more productive and happy lives. In addition, the interrelated nature of physical and mental health receives much attention.

A happy married couple on the beach

Marriage And Committed Romance Reduce Stress-Related Hormone Production

Being married has often been associated with improving people’s health, but a new study suggests that having that long-term bond also alters hormones in a way that reduces stress. Unmarried people in a committed, romantic relationship show the same reduced responses to stress as do married people, said Dario Maestripieri, Professor in Comparative Human Development […]

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stressed out women

Stress In Middle Age May Contribute To Late-Life Dementia

Psychological stress in middle age could lead to the development of dementia later in life, especially Alzheimer’s disease, reveals research from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Based on data from a study which followed women for 35 years, this is the first research in Sweden to indicate a link between stress and dementia. The results […]

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Jennifer Watling Neal, a Michigan State University psychology professor

Study Suggests Boys And Girls Not As Different As Previously Thought

Although girls tend to hang out in smaller, more intimate groups than boys, this difference vanishes by the time children reach the eighth grade, according to a new study by a Michigan State University psychologist. The findings, which appear in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, suggest “girls and boys aren’t as different as […]

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Human Brain Power

The Latest Findings On Improving The Mind And Stopping Memory Loss

The ability to remember is not just to glimpse into the past; a sharp memory can help with creativity, productivity and even the ability to imagine the future, according to several psychologists. Sleep, aging and brain chemistry research were all discussed during several presentations on memory at the 118th Annual Convention of the American Psychological […]

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close-up of father with wise old eyes

Childhood Memories Of Father Have Lasting Impact On Men’s Ability To Handle Stress

Sons who have fond childhood memories of their fathers are more likely to be emotionally stable in the face of day-to-day stresses, according to psychologists who studied hundreds of adults of all ages. Psychology professor Melanie Mallers, PhD, of California State University-Fullerton presented the findings at the 118th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

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Christopher R. Larrison, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

State Cuts To Community Mental Health Services Continues Disturbing Trend

Proposed cuts to community mental health centers in Illinois continues a disturbing trend in the state’s lack of commitment to helping families and individuals experiencing a mental illness, according to a University of Illinois expert on community-based mental health services. Christopher R. Larrison, a professor of social work at Illinois, says the state of Illinois […]

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