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CNN Announces That Federal Judge Voids The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

judge's gavelWe reported back in December that a “Federal Judge Rules Mandated Health Insurance Is Unconstitutional.” Today, another federal judge ruled that the individual mandate clause, which forces most American to purchase health insurance from commercial health insurance providers, is unconstitutional. A CNN video that details these new developments with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is included in this report.

An interesting turn of events with the new ruling is that the federal judge (U.S. District Judge Robert Vinson) ruled that the unconstitutionality of these provisions combined with the over-reach of the federal government granted by this Act voids the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known to the general public as “ObamaCare.”

Part of the healthcare law struck down.

The individual mandate clause does not take affect for several years so expect many more legal ranglings over this controversial legislation. This looks more and more like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will end up in the Supreme Court.

The original CNN story can be found here.

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