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“Electrophysiology of the Neuron” Book and Computer Software Now Open Access!

electrophysiology_of_the_neuron_bookStanford University recently announced that the classic textbook, “Electrophysiology of the Neuron” (Oxford University Press) is now freely available as an open access PDF book. You can also download the companion computer software for free! Great coverage of the all important action potential and other vital cell properties and functions are provided in about 80 pages. I wish I knew about this book during my graduate level human physiology course where we got hammered with details of cellular functions, especially the action potential.

I have not had a chance to fully explore the included software so I cannot tell you much about it, aside from being an “interactive tutorial.” The authors give instructions and examples of how to use the not entirely intuitive companion computer program. The software is designed to simulate cell function with different compositions of sodium, potassium, etc.

download_pdf_documentYou can download the book and computer software here.



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